Local man's checks stolen, used across the QC

QUAD CITIES, (KWQC) - A local man has a warning for us all: keep your checks safe and secure.

Gary Gilmour was looking to buy a car when he noticed fishy charges on his account. He called his bank and they immediately froze his account. Then he contacted the Rock Island Sheriff’s Department. The Department confirmed to TV-6 they are investigating this case. Gilmour was curious though; so on his own he went to the headquarters of one of the stores where the checks were used. They found video of the culprits.

“To me it just doesn't seem very bright if you're going to break the law to do it on video while it's being recorded,” says Gilmour.

None of Gilmour’s money was ever spent because he reported the fraud right away.

Because it’s an on-going investigation, TV-6 is blurring the images so there’s no interference with the investigation.

Here are ways to keep your money safe.

- Keep your checks in a secure place
- Keep your checks out of sight; fraudsters can take your account
and routing number just by looking at your checks.
- Mail your bills at the post office, but by mailbox. Thieves can steal them if you don’t take your bill straight to the post office.

This is an on-going investigation. If you have any information, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 309-558-3381.