Local school districts and city leaders address safety in schools and the community

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QUAD CITIES (KWQC) -- Following the school shooting in Florida, local school districts are looking at ways to improve their own safety measures.

Superintendent Kristin Humphries says the East Moline School District already has several safety measures in place, such as cameras, buzzer systems, and being able to lock doors from the inside. He said the district is always looking to improve safety measures.

"It's important to look at situations when they arise and see if there are lessons to be learned and see how we can improve what we do," he said.

For example, the district is looking at making some changes to its active shooter drill.

"Due to what happened in Parkland, we're changing it a little bit because of some of the lessons learned from there," he said.

Another plan is to make the district crisis plan available electronically for staff through on app or program on a computer.

Humphries said making sure schools and teachers are connecting with students is another priority.

"We need to make sure we reach out to our kids and learn avenues to reach them, to really talk with them, and support their socioemotional side because something is wrong when something like this continues to happen," he said.

Humphries said safety is a priority and the district will continue to make improvements.

"We just want our families to know that in light of these recent events, we're going to continue to make it even better for our students and our staff," he said.

Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms will sign a proclamation at tomorrow's city council meaning.

"It's a moral obligation for not only the city, but community leaders and individuals in the community to be aware of what's going on around them. Think about what's happened. How can they help prevent this in the future?" said Mayor Thoms.

Part of the proclamation reads that "the city of Rock Island will commit itself to take the lead for our grander Quad Cities community in a relentless quest to eradicate violence against our youth and bring assured security to our schools."

Mayor Thoms said the proclamation is about raising awareness and making sure that people are aware that the city is willing to be a part of conversations about planning.

"And that's what this proclamation is about, is just bringing that awareness that we need to make it safe for our youth and our children, primarily in the schools, but overall," he said.