Local shelters say fewer pets are running away on the Fourth of July

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Davenport, Iowa (KWQC)- Pets aren’t pleased with the sound of fireworks.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they stray off more than usual around the Fourth of July.

King’s Harvest and the Humane Society in Scott County said they don’t take in many stray pets around that time.

“We don’t really see many come in after the Fourth of July or because of the Fourth of July,” said Humane Society’s Executive Director Pam Arndt. “Maybe one or two once in awhile. This year we had one come in.”

She said at one point it was probably an issue, but not anymore because people have learned how to avoid it.

“I think people are more aware. And because of that they try to take precautions so their pets don't get loose because of it.”

On average, the Humane Society has only taken in two or three pets on the Fourth of July over the past nine years --- including dogs and cats.

While Fourth of July isn’t particularly a time shelters take in more pets than usual --- summertime is.

The two shelters advise pet owners to keep their pets inside when they are away from home.

And they say owners should have their pets spayed or neutered.