Local teens recall shots fired at Friday Night gathering

Published: Apr. 2, 2017 at 5:57 PM CDT
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Police responded to the 4800 block of 180th Street North in East Moline at about 1 a.m. Officers had a home surrounded, telling people inside to come out.

Teens, David Brown and Jakob MacMillan were in the home that night.

They told KWQC their night started like any other night hanging out with friends, but after an open invitation on Facebook reached the wrong people they're hoping others will think twice before posting to social media.

"It was scary, you know I never thought I'd be in a situation like that," MacMillan said. "It was a lot of cops to be honest, a lot," Brown added.

Brown and MacMillan say that frightening situation was even more intense in the moments leading up to it.

"We got there and we were hanging out and then somebody posted the address on Facebook and then a lot of people started coming and coming and coming and some bad people got there I guess," MacMillan said.

The teens say it was an easygoing night with friends until some people they didn't know got there.

They say after they asked them to leave, the intruders stole their phones and money.

"We finally got them to leave and when they were leaving me and a few other people went outside and we were like yelling back and forth you know we want our stuff back and so they turned around and shot the gun a couple times at the house and we all ran back inside and then someone called the cops," MacMillan said.

The teens say they're glad no one was hurt, but through all of this they've learned a lesson they hope others can learn through them as well.

"If you're going to have a little get together then invite certain individuals who you trust and know that they won't rob you or steal from you," Brown said.

"Don't post random stuff on social media with an address, who knows cause people could show up, just be safe," MacMillan added.

Brown and MacMillan say the thieves got away with money that night, but left their phones behind.

KWQC has reached out to the Rock Island County Sheriff's Department several times. As of Sunday night, they say they are still investigating this situation and will not release further information until Monday.

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