Longtime KWQC anchor stepping away from news desk

QUAD CITIES (KWQC) — It’s a bittersweet day here at KWQC as our veteran anchor, Gary Metivier, announces he is leaving the anchor desk and the local news business.

It was a hard decision, but one Metivier has been contemplating for a while. Ultimately, he has decided to give more time to his passions of writing and working directly with local non-profits and community initiatives.

“I have been honored and humbled to be part of this incredible institution for the past two decades,” Metivier says. “I came here for three years and stayed for twenty. I was welcomed with open arms by this community from day one. This is home.”

Metivier acknowledges that not everyone will understand his decision, but his colleagues here at KWQC hope that viewers will join in supporting him.

“After careful consideration with my family, I have decided that now is the time to explore and pursue new opportunities outside of television news. The decision has been an extremely difficult one filled with a mix of emotions,” says Metivier.

“Gary will always be part of the KWQC family, and he has our support as he begins this new journey,” says KWQC’s Vice-President and General Manager, Susan Ramsett. “Gary has some great ideas and we look forward to collaborating with him in the future on some projects that are personally important to him.”

Since joining the TV6 News Team in 1998, Metivier has built a solid reputation as an anchor and reporter. His work has earned multiple Regional Emmy Awards and Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards.

Metivier has a strong personal commitment to children’s literacy issues and veterans’ organizations. His work with Honor Flight of the Quad Cities is among the projects he is most passionate about. Proceeds from the four children’s books he has written are used to support veterans’ issues.
Books by Gary Metivier
Metivier looks forward to passing the baton to his successor (who will be announced shortly) just as former anchor, John Mooney, welcomed Gary Metivier to KWQC twenty years ago.

“Gary has championed stories and initiatives involving our local veterans, education, and those overcoming challenges in his “My Ability” series. These are topics KWQC remains deeply committed to and will continue to cover in the future,” says KWQC’s News Director, Stephanie Hedrick.

Beginning this Friday at 6pm, Metivier will share his “Top 6 moments at 6” through his final day on the anchor desk, Friday June 22nd.
To hear more from Gary about his decision and time here at KWQC, watch the video above or read the transcript below.

To share your thoughts or favorite moments with Gary, please email gary@kwqc.com or record a message by calling 563-383-7180.

As a shy boy in a family of twelve kids, I never expected to be able to share stories with so many people someday.

Not long after I married and Pam and we had our first son Joshua, we were on a journey that would change our lives.

I saw a post for a t.v. job at KWQC. Back then it took more than a half hour to load the home page with my phone modem, but it was worth it. What captured me was the community service and incredible dedication both inside and outside the station.

I came here and immediately fell in love with the people and the area.
Within a couple of years Josh, Pam and I welcomed Adam. Both have thrived here. We had several opportunities to go to bigger markets in bigger cities along the way, but we decided as a family this was home.

Now as our sons are preparing to go off on their own journeys, it is time for us to begin a new journey too. To take a leap of faith. To explore and pursue new opportunities. To share inspiring stories and share our talents. We feel God has a plan for us.

As we have considered this for the past few months. The hardest most emotional part has been how to say goodbye to you. At least from this chair. For two decades you have blessed us with your loyalty, your kind words and your caring sense of community. It has been such an honor to be able to be your news guy.

Humbled by the legacy that is KWQC, I have never taken you for granted. I tell every new reporter-that with so many people watching and counting on us. We must be as right and as fair as we can be every single day. That is the motto that I have based my t.v. career on. No shortcuts here. People are what this is all about. People that care about each other and make our community a better place to live.

From those behind the scenes that I work with and tease from time to time. Some have taken the brunt of my dad jokes. To my fellow anchors on the set for all these years -in particular Sharon, Paula and Erik, I say thank you for putting up with me.

I now know what is must have been like for people like longtime anchor here Don Rhyne, on this desk for about 28 years, to report the news for so long and then have to say so long to a job he loved. So instead, I think I'll say see you later, somehow, somewhere, I hope you'll find me, follow me, and enjoy the stories I share on my new journey… wherever that may be.