Lucas Wins His First Wrestling Match After a whole Year of Anticipation

Published: Nov. 29, 2019 at 10:52 PM CST
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"When you woke up what did you say that morning, when you woke up ?" said Jill Winger-Lacina, Lucas' mom.

"Yay..." said Lucas.

"We've been looking forward to it all year long, for the day he gets to do hands-on," said Jill.

A special moment between a mother and son, that has now gone viral.

"Did you try for a takedown?" said Jill.

"He was bigger than you thought though wasn't he? "

"Yea.," said Lucas.

Lucas agreeing with this mom that Austin is a great team player.

"He is an amazing young man wasn't he?" asked Jill.

"Yes," said Lucas.

"Young men like him though, we told him he had a feeding tube right before he went on the matt, you know out there, it's really commendable," said Jill.

Lucas' favorite part of the match?

"When the ref does the counting down on the matt, yes it's when the ref hits the matt"

And his opponent Austin helping him back up to his feet when the match was finally over.

"Were you pretty excited?" said Jill?

"Yea," said Lucas.

"He was most excited when he saw his whole team cheering for him, he said their cheering for me, I do just think it's amazing that Lucas gets to be part of the team, what's neat is they get to see how hard he's working too and they get to realize how blessed they are to be able to have the abilities that they have as well."