Made To Order

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — It’s a cottage business. She runs it from her home. Connie Jurgs uses thread, needle, and computer. The Davenport business owner is a quilter. Her business is SeaJay Quilting.

With a series of touches on a screen, she directs the robotic computer system. She can rotate a pattern, center it, scale it down, and design it to fit the quilt.

Jurgs invested about twenty five thousand dollars into a long arm quilting machine. She also has a twelve foot table and other high tech necessities. he started the patch, piece quilting in 2002.

Her husband is also on board. He is a “Mister Fix It”. If anything goes wrong with the machinery, she calls on him to correct the problem.

Jurgs also pieces together tee shirts. Old blue jean don’t go to waste either. She cuts them into blocks, and sews them together.

Each quilt has a story. It’s a way for customers to preserve pieces from the past. She has a very loyal customer base.

At one time, Connie worked in the wardrobe department at a local business. She is also a member of the Mississippi Valley Quilt Guild. A woman who loves to “quilt the day away.”