Man from West Africa joins Moline police

MOLINE, III. (KWQC) - Living his American dream, a Moline man originally from West Africa has now been sworn into the Moline Police Department.

Living his American dream, a Moline man, 21-year-old Officer Mamadou Diallo, originally from West Africa has now been sworn into the Moline Police Department.

To serve and wear the Moline Police Department’s badge is something 21-year-old Officer Mamadou Diallo has wanted.

“And I know this was a dream of mine, knowing what I wanted to do. I didn't want to stop and I didn't want to give up at any point,” said Officer Diallo.

It’s been his desire since he and his family moved to the United States from Guinea, West Africa.

“My sister, myself, and my mom we just recently came in 2007,” said Officer Diallo.

Adjusting to a new community wasn't easy. So he joined sports, but it's the men and women in the uniform that inspired him.

“Had an officer who really had a long-lasting impact within my life. Over time, we built that relationship and to this day he still works here. He's someone that I look up to and still take advice from,” said Officer Diallo.

Being an officer to him is more than just wearing the uniform.

“Being a police officer is a service to the community in a sense. It’s something that only a few do and it takes the right person to do this kind of job,” said Officer Diallo.

The kind of job that he's proud of.

“My parents have always taught me to give back. This community gave me so much in a sense. This is like my home now,” said Officer Diallo.

A home and a community that he hopes to make a difference in.

Officer Diallo also says as someone who moved to the U.S. and worked his way up. He knows he has kids that look up to him and his message to them is if you work hard you too can achieve your dream.

On Sunday, Officer Diallo will head to Champaign, IL to attend the police academy for 14 weeks before returning to Moline.