Man gives up food, only drinks beer for Lent

(courtesy Del Hall)
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CINCINNATI, Ohio (KWQC) — Christians who observe Lent often give up specific types of food during the 46-day season.

Del Hall of Cincinnati is giving up food altogether – vowing only to consume beer.

“I’m a big guy, 290 pounds and 6’ 2”,” Hall said.

“I have fasted before to maintain my weight, and I’m also a beer geek,” Hall said, explaining his new diet plan.

The native Ohioan says he got the idea from hearing stories that Bavarian monks have been known to consume only beer during Lent.

So far, Hall said he is getting by on anywhere from two to five beers a day along with water and a daily vitamin.

“I’m going to see if this is feasible, whether it can be done,” Hall said.