Man mowing lawn near tornado "was keeping an eye on it"

(courtesy Cecilia Wessels)
(courtesy Cecilia Wessels)(KWQC)
Published: Jun. 4, 2017 at 10:14 AM CDT
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Theunis Wessels is a man who likes to finish what he starts.

On Friday evening, he began mowing his lawn in the town of Three Hills and kept mowing even as a towering tornado appeared in the distance.

When his wife, Cecilia, saw him cutting the grass with the tornado at his back, she snapped a dramatic photo.

“A tornado warning had not been issued yet,” Cecilia said. “The warning only came out about 10 minutes later (after the photo).”

Theunis took the tornado in stride and said he was “keeping an eye on it” while he continued to mow.

The Alberta man has hobbies that include mountain climbing, competing in triathalons, and bungee jumping, which may explain why a twister in the distance did not move his needle very much.

He also points out that the funnel was farther away than it appears in the photo.

Cecilia says many in the neighborhood were also taking pictures at the same time she was.

While there was property damage in the area, there are no reports of injuries from the tornado.