Maquoketa girl battling brain tumor gets surprise from Maquoketa Girls Basketball Team

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MAQUOKETA, Iowa (KWQC) - Izzy isn't your average 5th grader. She's in love with sports, she's a tough young lady and on top of that, behind her smile, you would not be able to tell that she's battling a brain tumor.

Izzy is a 5th grader in Maquoketa and after having constant headaches she went in for an MRI. Izzy's dad, Roger Hardin, tells TV6 that Izzy's MRI gave them the answer for her headaches, but it was not the one they were hoping for.

"She was diagnosed on March 1st with a brain tumor," Hardin said. "We have appointments this Thursday and Friday at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. She will have surgery in the next couple weeks after that."

Izzy's dad tells TV6 that following the "devastating news", word spread fast in the city of roughly 6,000 people.

"The support from the community has been awesome," Hardin said.

That's when the Girls Varsity Basketball coach contacted Izzy's family.

"(He) contacted my wife to see if it would be ok for the team to stop out," Hardin said. "They came out and talked with Izzy for over a half an hour. She hasn't had a lot to smile about lately but this sure put a smile on her face."

In a Facebook post, Izzy's mom, Devin, said the team also signed a basketball for Izzy.

"She is also pretty excited to display her signed basketball in her room," Devin's post read.

Izzy's dad said it's not just the basketball team either, the whole community has rallied together in support of Izzy.

"It's just been hundreds of texts, cards, messages, etc.," Hardin said. "Everyone always asks what they can do and we just ask for prayers for our precious daughter. I just thought it was great for these young ladies to take time out of their day to spend time with Izzy."

While the family has a long road ahead of them, Hardin has the utmost faith in his daughter.

"She's a tough girl and I'm confident she'll make a full recovery."