Melting snow reveals litter lining Davenport city curbs

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Melting snow and rising temperatures are welcome news for many, but it’s also creating a mess on streets across the Quad Cities.

“It is bad,” Mike Whan, a visitor to downtown Davenport said Tuesday.

Whan is referring to trash littering the streets. As snow piles melt, piles of trash are revealed.

"It is everywhere and it is hard to pick it up,” Whan said.

The city of Davenport said it is aware of the issue, but does not do regular cleanup. Instead, litter removal is the responsibility of property owners.

“Whether carelessly tossed or captured by strong winter winds, the spring thaw generally leaves us with littered gateways and neighborhood streets,” the city said in an email to TV6 anchor and reporter Chris Carter. “Litter in the right-of-way is not regularly removed. This is a property owner responsibility, whether public or private.”

Whan said he understands the reason behind the litter, but says “it looks bad right now.”

People who live and work downtown have also noticed the increase in litter as well.

"It doesn't look good,” downtown leasing manager Madison Fiorato said. “It doesn't look good for people who are visiting downtown."

Fiorato said her and her staff have spent time cleaning the streets outside of their building for the last week.

"It is crazy,” she said. “The snow was piled up so high that every time a layer melted down, there was a new layer of trash under there."

To help with some of the litter, the City hosts the Corridor Cleanup to remove some of the litter from areas where there is the most trash, in addition to “street sweeping is also conducted in the spring through fall (but takes time to get to all areas) to assist with some debris in the curb line.”

"I hate to see people think of this as a trashy place because it is normally pretty clean,” Fiorato said.

The Corridor Cleanup will take place on March 23. People interested in taking part can get more information at this link