Memorial benefit honors legacy of Tammy Loos

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Friends, family and strangers gathered at the Public House in Davenport on Sunday to remember a mother taken too soon.

The family of Tammy Loos, who was killed in March after three people in a stolen vehicle struck her, held a memorial benefit in her honor. Her daughter said Tammy was always caring for children, so they are donating the money to the University of Iowa Steid Family Children’s Hospital.

"She was constantly around kids. Like I said, she did daycare for 25 plus years. There was never less than six kids in the house. You know, it was a rowdy time but she loved every minute of it," Courtney Loos, Tammy’s daughter, said.

Tammy was the mother of three children, was a foster parent to over two dozen children over the course of eight years, and was a daycare provider for 25 years.

"We're here for the kids. She always was so giving and so loving to kids and that's why we're here today. Continuing that legacy of hers to give back to the Steid Family Children's Hospital," Courtney said.

While losing her mother has been difficult, Courtney said she and her family continue to get through it together.

"It has been tough. I'm not gonna lie. Every day there's a piece of her somewhere. She shows up in every little thing we do. And, that's not going to stop. She's always going to be here no matter what we do," Courtney said.

What the support of family, friends, and the community means to Courtney and her family is hard for her to put into words.

"There have also been strangers who have reached out to us. That don't know us from Adam, but they want to show their appreciation. I can't even put it into words how amazing the community has been to our family."

The auctions and raffles raised over ten thousand dollars for the University of Iowa Steid Family Children’s Hospital.