Mich. woman recreates cruise at home after it was canceled due to coronavirus

HAMILTON, Mich. (WXMI/CNN) - After her and her friends’ tropical vacation seven years in the making was canceled amid the coronavirus pandemic, a Michigan woman took it upon herself to create her own virtual getaway.

After her cruise to the Bahamas was canceled, Tiffany Dekker recreated it with everything from towel animals to a buffet with great desserts. (Source: Tiffany Dekker/WXMI/Tribune/CNN)

Tiffany Dekker and three of her friends were supposed to leave for a five-day cruise to the Bahamas on Monday, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trip was canceled.

"I was upset because we've been planning this for a long time," Dekker said. "I would say maybe I was in denial that it was canceled."

Instead of wasting the week and a half of vacation time she had off, Dekker decided she was going to make the most out of a tough situation. She brought the cruise to Michigan and took to Facebook to document the journey.

“I thought I might as well pretend I'm on a cruise," Dekker said.

She created everything from towel animals to a buffet with great desserts and posted pictures of herself “enjoying the water” and drinking tropical drinks – made from apples instead of coconuts.

Dekker says the faux trip lifted the spirits of her three friends who had expected to go with her, and it’s all about spreading positivity in a time when we all need it.

"Some of them even said that they felt like they were on the cruise with me, as well, so yeah, it was cool," she said. "You have to lift yourself up. You have to bring something positive out of a bad situation. I always like to look at the glass half full."

Dekker says even though it took about seven years for the group to plan the cruise they missed, she’s hoping they can reschedule once the pandemic is over.

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