Mike Matson wins election as next Davenport mayor

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Davenport, Iowa (KWQC) - Residents of Davenport have elected their next mayor.

Mike Matson won the election as the next mayor of Davenport. (KWQC)

Mike Matson, former Ward Alderman, now the next mayor of Davenport won the vote by 20%.

Matson won with 7,199 voters over Rita Rawson’s 4,871 votes.

TV6 spoke with Matson right after the results came in.

“I’m so thankful to everybody that has supported me,” Matson said. “I’ve had a ton of people helping me. We got in first and we’ve been working ever since then. I’m so thankful for the voters and the people of Davenport that have picked me. I’m honored and humbled.”

He said when Mayor Klipsch decided not to run again he saw an opportunity to help the city of Davenport.

“I’ve been alderman on two different wards,” said Matson. “My wife and I are empty nesters. I’ve represented different people and I’ve wanted to try and help grow and build Davenport to the place it can be.”

Matson said his top priority he wants to focus on for Davenport is public safety.

“I want Davenport to be a safe, stable and welcoming community,” he said. “It starts with that. I’ll have conversations with the council and a lot of people on how we can make this a safe city.”