Moline bar hosts chili cook-off to raise money for Vietnam veteran organization

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Moline, Ill. (KWQC) - It's another cold day and many Quad Citians warmed up during a chili cook-off on Sunday.

Christopher D's held a chili cook-off on Sunday to raise money for a local Vietnam veteran organization. (KWQC)

Christopher D’s held the competition at its bar in Moline.

Thirteen people competed with their own best versions of chili. Those who enjoyed it paid a small donation that will go towards the local Vietnam Veterans of America chapter.

Brandon Zeglin, one of the bar’s employees, said the cook-off gets bigger every year.

“All of the money goes to them,” he said. “They use the money for gas money to go bury people at the arsenal or wherever they are buried at. They also do parades. We like to help them out they’re good guys and they cook good chili.”

Christopher D’s has been raising money with this cook-off for three years.