Moline boy's Flag Restoration Project gets attention from the White House

Published: Feb. 19, 2018 at 10:06 PM CST
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A Moline student is getting national attention for his Flag Restoration Project.

Liam, who works to retire old American flags, returned home from vacationing with his family to find a letter from President Donald Trump recognizing his service to the community. Also inside, the flag from the Eisenhower building and a copy of the declaration of Flag Day as June 14th.

"We picked it up, brought it inside and it had the White House on it so we were just kind of frozen for a second and I came downstairs and opened it up," said Liam Willcox.

"I'm so proud. It's just really an amazing testament to what he's doing for him it hasn't really sunk in what accomplishment it is and what he's doing," said Liam's mother Stephanie Willcox.

KWQC first featured a story on Liam's efforts in August of 2017. His project is to replace old and dilapidated flags and repair or retire them properly. He says so far he's helped with about 60 flags throughout the QCA.