Moline churches converge for Sunday service

MOLINE, Illinois (KWQC) - Celebrating diversity in the quad cities, two local churches came together for a church service Sunday morning with the idea of breaking the barrier between cultures.

"A family has just blossomed so it's been great," said Living Waters Christian Church Pastor, Angelo Julien.

MGT New Hope and Living Waters Church out of Moline spent their Sunday morning together, celebrating life and diversity.

"I love this guy. I love his passion I love his heart. I love what he stands for," said MGT New Hope's Pastor, Scott Reece. "Obviously we see the racial divides in the Quad Cities and around the world, but this is our community and we've just decided as pastors that we're going to do something about it. We're going to take a stand together and break that off of our city."

It's an act taking place the day before Martin Luther King Day, spreading the message that Dr. King did - a message that still resonates today.

"King was all about bringing people together for the good of the human race, and that's what we want to do," said Julien. "I think we live in a climate sometimes that wants to divide people and we want to bring people back together because that's the original plan of God."

Embracing all people for who they are, and the variety of cultures they bring to the table.

"I see him as an African American pastor, he sees me as a white pastor," said Reece. "I think the key for us in this, because people always say you shouldn't see color, no we believe that you should see it and celebrate it. You should embrace it. I'm not pretending that he's something that he's not, and vice versa."

Pastor Julien and Pastor Reece say this friendship began this past summer. The two churches joined forces for the "River of Life Unity Day." They say Sunday's joint service is only the beginning of a long and necessary friendship.