Moline family says they were scammed on Craigslist

Published: Dec. 3, 2017 at 10:17 PM CST
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Just two days after listing their home for sale, Trent Manary said him and his wife received a call from their realtor. Manary said students called their realtor saying they were interested in renting the home.

His realtor then contacted him asking if was also interested in renting the house on Craigslist and that is when they found the scam ad.

"It was great pictures of our home that looked legitimate, looked like a legitimate posting, but it was just somebody that was trying to get a downpayment and cut all ties and take the money and run so," said Manary.

The person even made a fake email address. Manary said the scammer would also say he was not here locally.

"Like they made it seem official. They wanted you to apply they wanted you to... they wanted to look official without them being here," he said.

He said police advised him to contact Craigslist and remove the ad. He said Craiglist was able to remove it in about an hour and said his main concern was making sure other people were not being taken advantage of.

"We were just hoping no one was losing money on our account," he said.

Detective Griffin with the Moline Police Department said internet safety is very important these days. He said never give any private or financial information to an untrusted or unknown source.

"If you see information regarding something you are selling posted on another site, contact them and ask them to take it down," he said.

Manary said as far as he knows, no one wired any money to the scammer. He hopes others looking to sell or buy a property will make sure everything is legitimate.

"Hopefully we can spread awareness about it to anybody else that is potentially selling their home or looking for a property to rent to

really put in their due diligence and make sure that everything is legitimate," he said.