Moline flood plans

MOLINE, Ill (KWQC) - Citizens have expressed their concerns over whether or not city officials have prepared adequately for this year's flood season.

KWQC's David Bohlman had the opportunity to speak with the mayor of Moline, Stephanie Acri, who says she believes the city is taking the proper steps to prepare for this year's flood season.

Mayor, Stephanie Acri says, The full response is in full action. That is lead by JD Schulte, the Public Works Director for Moline, and Interim City Administrator so they are working on it. Acri says, they have closed river drive in Moline, they have pumps running and now we are just waiting to see how high crests.

The Mayor did say while she is concerned for this year's flood season, because of the potential impact to businesses and homeowners. However, she does believe the city is doing everything they can to mitigate the impact.