Illinois QC gas as much as 62 cents higher than Iowa QC

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MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) – It can pay to shop around for motorists looking to buy gas in the Quad Cities this Fourth of July weekend.

Prices for a gallon of regular can vary dramatically between the Illinois and Iowa sides of the Mississippi River.

Gas Buddy reports the cheapest gas in Moline as of Friday afternoon was $2.65, while the cheapest in Davenport, Iowa, was $2.26.

The 39-cent disparity comes as drivers are watching pump prices more closely since Illinois doubled its motor fuel tax from 19 cents a gallon to 38 cents per gallon, effective last Monday.

One Bettendorf, Iowa gas station recently posted a sign directed at “Illinois customers” proclaiming it has “cheap” gas prices for them.

Gas on Friday afternoon at the BP station at 2702 Avenue of the Cities in Moline was $2.85, while at the BP at 999 Middle Rd in Bettendorf, a 4-mile drive up I-74, the price was only $2.49.

The 36-cent spread means someone filling up a 15-gallon tank at the Bettendorf location would pay around $5.40 less than someone pumping the same amount just 5 minutes away.

Gas Buddy reports prices as high as $2.88 in the Illinois Quad Cities as of Friday afternoon, a difference of 62 cents from the lowest price of $2.26 in Davenport.

Some gas stations in the Iowa Quad Cities Area near the Illinois border are hoping to attract Illinois motorists with the promise of cheaper gas.