Family of hospitalized Moline High School football player: "Kovi is doing fantastic"

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MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - UPDATE 10/17: The family of the Moline High School football player who was hospitalized with a mysterious illness says he's doing fantastic and is in great spirits.

The post continues that they believe there may be a virus that is attacking his heart and his medical team is unsure what the virus is. (Moline High School Football)

His family posted the update on Kovi's new Facebook fundraising page on Thursday.

They say after a couple of speech therapy sessions, Kovi is now able to talk in a low voice, and as soon as he is able to pass his swallowing test, he will be able to eat on a liquid diet.

They say he still has his external pacemaker attached, but it will be removed before he leaves the hospital. There is still a chance he will have an internal pacemaker placed before he leaves if needed.

They still don't have a time frame on how long he will be hospitalized in Chicago, but once he's discharged, he'll have to go back for weekly follow-ups.

They say Kovi is in "great spirits" despite everything that has happened.

You can read the full update here.

UPDATE 10/15: The Moline High School football player who was hospitalized with a mysterious illness has now received a new heart after a heart transplant in Chicago.

In a new fundraiser for Dakovion, his family made the announcement that his body seems to be receiving the new heart "with open arms."

The new fundraiser was posted after the original one ended. Family posted on Monday saying there not aware of a end date that is put into fundraisers so it ended before they could reach their $20,000 goal. The family has made a new one that is shown below.

Family said Dakovion's vent was removed and he can breathe on his own now.

"With the help of all of you we were able to reach over $11,000, and unlimited number of prayers that God has heard," the post read. "I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for all your donations and above all your prayers for Kovi and our family."

The family on the fundraising page then goes on to reach out to the family who lost a loved one, giving Dakovion a second chance at life.

" And above all to the family that lost their loved one, there aren’t any words that I can say nor type to show the gratitude in me for giving my nephew apart of you all," the post read. "I pray for you all during this bittersweet time. And wish one day we can all meet to express our emotions to one another. Thank you so much for saving Kovi’s life."

You can read the full announcement here on the Dakovion's Medical Fundraiser Continued.

UPDATE 10/8: A Moline High School football player hospitalized with a mysterious illness has been moved to Northwestern Hospital in Chicago.

That's according to a post on Kovi's fundraiser's Facebook page.

There is no update on his condition at the moment, but the post goes on to state this is going to be a long road to recover for Kovi, and his immediate family is not leaving his side.

The post also included a statement of thanks for the community of Moline, along with the entire Quad Cities for their support.

So far, the family has received more than $10,000 on the Facebook fundraiser.

UPDATE 10/1: The aunt of a Moline high school football player in critical condition shared an update on his condition Tuesday.

She said Kovi is continuing to fight, and while his condition remains a mystery, the medical team in Peoria is doing everything it can to help him.

She says they have moved him from the children's floor to the Adult Intensive Care Unit, where he remains in critical condition. The ECMO, or external heart and lung machine, is still mimicking a functioning heart and lungs for him. However, his kidneys are slowly improving, and his heart has decreased in size, although it is still inflamed.

She says doctors still have not been able to identify the virus they believe is attacking his heart, but many lab reports have been ordered, and they are still waiting for the results.

She says Kovi is sometimes able to write short sentences on paper, telling his family that he loves them, and respond with head nods.

She went on to thank the community for its support: "Although other areas have as well, Moline has stuck together as a family and we feel it in our hearts. We want to thank each and everyone of you all for all the prayers and support you have sent our way from the bottom of our hearts! We sincerely appreciate it all. My sister and I thought we would be in this alone as we are all we got, yet the supporters have proven us wrong!!! Dakovion has truly touched so many hearts."

You can read the full post below:

ORIGINAL: A Moline high school football player is in critical condition and that is according to the team's Facebook page.

On the School's Facebook page it reads "It's so hard to share the news that Kovi, one of our sophomore football players is currently in critical condition at Peoria Children's Intensive Care Unit, Old Saint Francis Hospital."

The post continues that they believe there may be a virus that is attacking his heart and his medical team is unsure what the virus is.

In a Facebook page titled "Dakovions Medical Fundraiser", it features a post from a family member that goes into detail on what Kovi is going through.

The post reads that last week he was playing football when he was tackled by another player and sustained a concussion. That evening he had a fever and the next morning his mother took him to the emergency room where they said he had a virus. Family members on the post then said there was a misdiagnosis and then he was taken to Peoria where things took a turn for the worst.

"Dakovion was incubated and a pacemaker was implanted in his neck," the post reads. "Through the night his vitals began to improve however his heart was inflamed and beating off rhythm. A team of physicians and surgeons had a meeting and determined the best thing for him would be to have a surgery that extracted the blood from his body pumped it through a machine and inserted the blood back into his body, in other words a external heart and lung machine, to give his heart a break so that it could begin to heal. "

In just two days the fundraiser has raised over $5,500 to help with expenses and bills.