Moline man's car struck by bullet during Atalissa shooting

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ATTALISSA, Iowa (KWQC) - A shooting near a Cedar County, IA rest stop leads to a chase and an arrest, but while that chase was happening, one Moline man who was traveling along I-80, had his car hit by a stray bullet.

Allen Shuler was driving his wife to a clinic, from his mother-in-law's home when he felt a big impact hit his car. "Something just went off, I thought I blew a tire and my wife was thinking at that point that either a piece of ice had hit the car or something," Schuler said.

To his surprise, there was a bullet hole in the rear side door, just inches from where his wife was sitting. After calling 911, that's when the seriousness of the situation struck him. "All this happened all of a sudden and it just took us by surprise," he said.

The bullet which pierced his car only serves as a painful reminder that he could have lost his wife. "It's a really sick feeling and a very upsetting that today I could have lost my wife."

As a man of faith, he knows it could have been so much worse. "I'm not one that counts on luck but it's by God's grace that it didn't come through."