Moline mayor talks frustration about I-74 bridge detours

MOLINE, Illinois (KWQC) - Monday, March 18th is the big day, the day the I-74 bridge is cut down to one lane. Traffic is expected to pick up in downtown Moline, so Mayor Stephanie Acri spoke with TV6 about the city's request to change the current strategy - despite being shut down.

“Monday is when the detour goes into effect, that will detour all of the Iowa bound I-74 traffic down to 19th Street, and then back up to I-74 to cross over the bridge,” said Acri.

Moline Mayor Stephanie Acri agrees with some Quad Cities drivers, the new I-74 route is not the optimal choice when it comes to traffic concerns.

“The city has been advocating for several months to change that traffic plan,” said Acri. “We have not been able to convince the Federal Highway Administration to make that change.”

But, she says they will have employees on hand, and they are ready to assist with slow traffic - hoping they can help alleviate any problems.

“There are city of Moline employees that will be helping in supporting the traffic movement,” added Acri. “They will have manual control of the traffic lights that should be able to flush traffic out more quickly if a train does interfere with traffic flow.”

She says the troubles of downtown traffic and the train schedules are already frustrating enough, but this will make it even tougher for drivers to get to where they need to.

“The expectation is that there will be a lot of congestion,” added Acri. “The original traffic management plan considered that there would be a lot of congestion, but we're concerned that it may have underestimated the amount of congestion because of the impact of the train, as well as the impact of TaxSlayer Center traffic.”

We did speak to a few Quad Cities residents who wouldn't go on camera. One said his friend lives in Moline and he'll have to figure out the most efficient way around the construction to see him now. Another said he lives in downtown Moline, so he's more worried about the impact the heavy traffic will have there and not so much his traveling over the bridge.