Moline residents petition receives 1,500 signatures in one day, following accident involving a child on 12th street

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MOLINE, Illinois (KWQC) - Friday morning a child was hit by a car crossing the street near a middle school in Moline. Now moline residents are looking to take matters into their own hands, by signing a petition to have street lights or a crossing guard placed at the 12th street and 21st Avenue intersection.

Starla Fuller was a witness to the accident that day. "It would have been my child, it could have been anyone's child," Fuller said. Since that day she's managed to receive 1,500 signatures in one day. Fuller says she thinks the Moline-Coal Valley school district should step up and do something about the intersection that neighbors consider to be a "terrorizing" street.

According to the Moline-Coal Valley Superintendent Lanty Mcguire, a stop light on 12th and 21st won't be easily attainable.

"I always worry about stuff like these kids are crossing streets and you know as far as what it takes to put a stop light or crossing guard that's not really the districts call," said McGuire.

McGuire says the city is in charge of where to place stop lights and speed limit signs in school zones. He says crossing guards and stop lights aren't always
a guarantee to keep kids safe.

"People run the stop lights when crossing guards are in them, people just need to be aware," he added.

So it's out of the superintendent hands until the city does something about it.

Although residents are looking to the superintendent for extra support of their cause, they do tell tv6 they will take their petition to the city within the next few days.