Mom says a school liaison officer at Rock Island High School used excessive force on her 17-year-old daughter

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ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) - Julie Jensen says school liaison officers are supposed to break up fights between students in a way that de-escalates the situation and doesn't hurt them. But she and her daughter say that is not what happened Tuesday morning at Rock Island High school.

Julie says she was on her way to meet with school officials when she got a call from Rock Island High school. Her daughter had been in a fight and she says the school liaison officer who pulled the girls apart dislocated her arm.

"I mean I was kinda in shock, what do you mean her arm is dislocated?" Julie says shaking her head in disbelief.

TV6 asked the school district for a response, and an official neither confirmed nor denied what Ariana says happened. The district only said that there was an incident and that they're investigating it.

TV6 also reached out to Rock Island Police Department and they say they don't know much about the incident at this time and that since it involves juveniles it will limit the discussion significantly.

Ariana Gabriel is a senior at Rock Island High School. She says she got into a physical altercation with another female student inside of the dean's office.

"I don't remember much about how we were pulled apart, but I remember being face-down on the ground and I had my other hand behind my back. and he was pulling on it very hard and I said 'you're hurting my arm,' and he told me no he was not," says Ariana.

The high-schooler says the way the officer allegedly lifted her off the ground put an additional strain on her arm.

"After we were done being on the ground when he (the officer) picked me up, he picked me up by my arm to put me on my feet so all of my body weight was on one arm for that short period of time," Ariana added.

The high school athlete is now wearing a brace holding her left shoulder in place. She says the pain she felt on Tuesday was excruciating.

"It was like a lot of pressure, it felt like a lot of pulling, like I couldn't get comfortable no matter how I was it just felt like this whole side of me was heavy, it was throbbing my muscle was spasming, it was just, I've never felt a pain like that, that was very very painful," Ariana told TV6.

Ariana and her mom say they're both familiar with the officer. And they don't think that he singled out Ariana or that the incident was in any way personal.

"I've known this officer, you know he's been a liaison for a while, I've interacted with him ... I was mad I was angry, like why would you do this, you know what I mean, like why would you do this to a child?" says Julie.

The medical records Julie shared with TV6 state that her daughter spent two and a half hours in the ER and received sedatives and painkillers at the hospital. Ariana and her mother says all they want is an apology.

"What you did was wrong, you used excessive force on my child and ripped her arm at the very least you owe her an apology," says Julie.
Ariana says she doesn't want anything ill to happen to the officer but she doesn't feel safe with him at the school.

"I just feel like if I'm telling you it hurts and you responding by telling me it's not hurting that this was something that could have been avoided. I feel like I am owed and apology because it is something that you did," says Ariana.

Ariana competes on the Rock Island Varsity track team and she and her mom say they worry about whether her shoulder will ever be the same.

Anne Hughes contributed to this report