More flooding expected in the QCA

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - With the warming temperatures, we have a potential for flooding in the area this spring.

Currently, we have saturated soils and flooded soils- where the soil is already so full of water, it can't take in any more.

Jessica Brooks, Service Hydrologist from the National Weather Service said even if it didn't rain for the next few weeks, there is still a high chance of flooding. "We've had a busy last 6 months... we had some periods where we were warm and dry, but in January we've just been hit with storm after storm after storm" she explained.

"We are anticipating getting some rain here which could lead to runoff to the rivers" she continued, which means we could see river flooding or ice jams.

Brooks' biggest recommendation is making sure you don't drive when there's flooding. You and your car could be washed away, or the road could be difficult to see. She says that's where the majority of fatalities occur during floods.

For more information on flooding and weather advisories, visit the National Weather Service: