More wintry weather ahead, this week!

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Quad Cities (KWQC) - After a "no-show" of a winter storm this weekend, we will get numerous chance to see some more snow as we go through the week ahead! Tonight, a few snow showers will move through with little accumulations. Monday night into Tuesday morning ANOTHER system will roll through with snow and rain . Wednesday, yet a third system moves across the area. This one, too, will bring a potential rain/snow mix. And, perhaps to make up for this weekend's miss, Mother Nature is giving us the possibility of a major Midwestern rain, ice and snow system for later Thursday night into Friday. At this point it looks like a complicated storms system and of course it's far too early to determine where its final track will be and what kind of weather it will deliver be it in the Quad Cities or nearby! This is, of course, another storm we'll be tracking as it develops and approaches our region.