Motorcyclist rights organization hosts fundraiser for Children's Therapy Center

Every year the motorcyclist rights organization hosts a fundraiser for the Children's Therapy Center so that kids in need can receive therapy. (KWQC)
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A motorcycle rights organization is hosting a fundraising event for children with therapy needs.

ABATE of Iowa District 15 hopes to raise eight thousand dollars for the kids at the main event.

They began the fundraiser by signing up outside of the Children's Therapy Center in Davenport.

The center welcomes kids with disabilities whose families can't afford therapy.

"The kids that don't have adequate healthcare get a little extra here," ABATE Event Coordinator David Bremer said. "All the money stays local and it is a good cause."

The center provides physical, occupational, speech, and feeding therapy services to kids in need.

"About 70 percent of our operating income comes from donations, grants, and fundraisers just like this," said Children's Therapy Center Vice President Chris Van Speybroeck."We wouldn't be able to it if not for nice organizations like ABATE."

The center just recently opened up in Davenport, but has been open in Rock Island for years.

Every year the ABATE motorcyclist start their engines and ride in honor of the kids.