#MoveOver creator recognized in Springfield

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Just a few weeks ago, we brought you the story of Lucy Kuelper - the 12-year-old Illinois girl who started the #MoveOver movement on Facebook. It’s an initiative to get drivers to get over when police and state troopers have someone pulled on the side of the road. This comes after deaths have risen this year for troopers simply doing their jobs.

Lucy was recognized for her leadership in Springfield last week.

“They all said they were proud and it was for a good cause,” said Lucy.

“It was a pretty proud moment,” added her father, Illinois State Trooper John Kuelper.

The #MoveOver movement is still picking up followers, as more and more people are supporting Lucy Kuelper's cause.

“It's continued to grow and reach more people,” said John.

Even after being recognized on the Illinois Senate floor in Springfield, the work is far from over.

“We've talked a little bit more about different ways of spreading the awareness, and we have some events coming up that we'll do that,” said her father. “We've also taken the next step, talking about proposed legislation that is out there and doing our best to support that.”

“After being on the floor, I think that we should keep going,” added Lucy.

But, Lucy did admit being introduced in front of all the representatives was a shock.

“I knew my Representative Swanson so it was pretty normal I guess, but then when I went on the floor I was like, 'Oh, this is not really normal.’”

Her parents couldn't be prouder, saying she's setting a good example.

“It really shows that at any age, if you set your mind to something you can make a difference,” said John. “Although she's only a 12-year-old student, she's obviously making a big stir.”

When asked what she thought her father would say about her movement, she was straightforward.

“It's just not him, I think it's every family,” said Lucy. “Every man and woman that work our roadways, I just want them to all be safe.”

Lucy's father also said she forgot to mention a minor detail - she got to sit down and meet Governor Pritzker for a bit, too. John said he's proud, but he knows she isn't done.