Multiple people were hauled away on stretchers following a day of drinking.

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Davenport, IOWA (KWQC) - Several people were taken from a Davenport home on stretchers Saturday afternoon. The home was listed on a Facebook events page as a gathering place for St. Ambrose University students taking part in an end of the year celebration.

The Annual S-A-U "House Crawl" got underway early Saturday morning and went from home to home, ending with several students being taken to the hospital. During the hour our team was on scene, we saw at least two people pulled away on stretchers. We don't know the exact reason they were transported, but we do know that an ambulance was called to the home for alcohol poisoning.

Michael Hernandez, a junior, told us, " This is actually my third year. I've been safe all three years, just knowing the precautions I have to take. I feel kind of bad because 1 or 2 kids can ruin it for everyone. I think they feel pressurized more then anything just to take it overboard because they know it's the end of the year."

St. Ambrose shared this statement...

"St. Ambrose University officials have received information from Davenport Police Department regarding the transport of multiple students to a local medical center from a non-university sanctioned off-campus event. While the University does not sanction this or similar events, St. Ambrose officials are monitoring the situation and are concerned for the health and safety of our students. We continue to work proactively with city officials and neighborhood residents to minimize any negative impact to neighbors and their property and to minimize risk to the safety of our students."

This has been going on for at least the past several years and has become something that both the partiers and community has come to expect. We spoke to neighbors in the area and the ones we talked to were understanding. Elizabeth Ramirez lives around the corner and says she has dealt with it for 6 years- but she isn't complaining. She says, "I am okay with it because they deserve to have the fun. They work so hard and this is one of the houses." Ramirez actually brought quite a few cases of water for the crowd.

Scott Olinger, who was directly next door to the party, told us the host of the party gave him a heads up, days beforehand. "I said it was fine as long as they keep it decent and respected my property, and they did." He said if this were happening at 10:00 at night, he might feel different. "It's only a couple hours on a Saturday, it's once a year. I'm not going to rain on their parade."

We're told officers do follow the crowd from house to house, to monitor the party, and to help those who do go overboard.