Muscatine man remembers President George H.W. Bush with a special thank you note

MUSCATINE, Iowa (KWQC) - As the nation remembers and honors President George H.W. Bush, a thank you note written in 1980 reminds a Muscatine man of a special memory he has of the former president.

In January of 1980, then-candidate Bush flew to the QCA for a campaign stop at the Holiday Inn in Muscatine. Harvey Allbee Jr. was the city attorney for Muscatine at the time and was asked by the mayor if he could drive Bush to and from the Muscatine Municipal Airport.

Allbee agreed and on the way to the campaign stop, he says Bush was busy focusing on what to expect at the event, but on the way back to the airport, Allbee was able to have a candid conversation with Bush.

"He was very courteous, very casual, no airs about him, just like one of the guys and low-key. Not ostentatious or anything like that."

What happened after the campaign stop made the biggest impression on Allbee, which he still holds onto this day: a typed thank you note and a campaign button.

"This is the note, I saved it of course. Kind of a nice momento and I saved this campaign button, which was George Bush for President and I've hung onto that all these years," said Allbee. "So that was a great memory and, of course, recent events bring all that back."

The note reads:
"Dear Harvey,
Thanks so much for all your help and hospitality in Muscatine - beyond the call! My visit was great and I know you were instrumental in making it so. Your support means a great deal to me. Best wishes and thanks again.
Sincerely, George Bush"

in 1980, President Bush was running for President, but lost to Ronald Reagan in the Republican Primary, who then chose him as his running mate.