NFL player, magician Jon Dorenbos visits Genesis

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DAVENPORT, Iowa When Jon Dorenbos was 12 years old, his father killed his mother.

"I lost both my parents," says Dorenbos.

It was during this time he saw a magician perform and it changed his life.

"It was the coolest thing ever," he says.

Performing magic was a way for him to escape.

"It was the only time I didn't think about anything else in my life except just being a kid," he explains. "It ended up being my sanctuary."

Dorenbos is a long snapper for the Philadelphia Eagles and has played in over 200 NFL games.

His claim to fame doesn't end there. Last summer, Dorenbos was a contestant on America's Got Talent.

The opportunity to perform in front of an audience was always a dream of his.

"I got into magic and I found out that was a tool for me to be able to connect with an audience and to share something," he remarks.

To Dorenbos, magic isn't about the tricks.

"It's about what happens in that room and the energy and the stories that are shared," he believes. "That's the magic right there."

After all he's been through, Dorenbos wants to share his story with others.

"That's the magic of life," he says.