Nearly after 40 years of business TC’s Point After is closed

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DeWITT, Iowa (KWQC)— Owner Charles Cox said it has been a sad week to see his family business close after being open for 37 years but he still has all the good memories.

“There are stories I could tell for hours about this place,” said Cox.

Cox said TC’s Point After was the place in downtown DeWitt where people could come to enjoy good food. Cox said TC’s Point After all began after he was let go from his sales job in 1980.

“I thought well I'm tired of corporate, I’m going to get something of my own and I'll determine my own outcome on how I do,” said Cox.

Cox said he bought the building sight unseen from a friend from Denver, Colorado and began working on the building with his wife and kids. However, the restaurant has finally run its course.

Cox said he was forced to make the tough decision over not being able to find a manager to take care of the restaurant.

TC’s also has a food trailer business where they sell its famous menu across the country.

“I think the trailer and the traveling had a lot to do with the failure of TC's. Someone has to be here 24/7 in order to make it run right and we’re all on the road,” said Cox.

Cox said even though the restaurant is closed his employees will continue to work on the mobile food business.

“It’s very sad to see it this empty I think about this every night that nobody's here and it’s all here alone nobody here it's dark and cold and normally its full of people eating prime rib and steak,” said Cox.

The future of the downtown DeWitt restaurant is still up in the air. Cox said if he can find someone to take care of the business, TC’s could potentially re-open.