Neighborhood Spotlight: Hope at the Brick House

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) -- TV6 News shines a spotlight on communities coming together to make positive changes.

Friday evening, Hope at the Brick House held its annual event to celebrate the wrap of the summer youth program.

Although the organization hosts weekly events, including Friday night dinners, this is one of three block parties held each summer, and the final one to kick off the new school year.

Invited to the event were those who took part in the summer youth program, along with their families and residents of the neighborhood.

Officers with Davenport Police and firefighters with Davenport Fire Department were at the event to join in on the fun and ensure a safe environment for all.

Davenport Police Sergeant Andrew Harris says, "We take any opportunity to build those positive, meaningful relationships with our youth and the thing that's great about the Hope at the Brick House is we don't have kids knocking on our door to get to meet us, so we have to go out to where the kids are at and this is one of those great places where the kids are at to build those relationships."

Recently, participants in the program toured both the Davenport Police and Fire Departments as part of an organized field trip.

Matthew Mueller, a firefighter with Davenport Fire Department tells TV6, "It's just nice to be able to communicate with these people in this manner, because normally when we're called out on calls for these things it's not normally a positive circumstance and so having this interaction where we can be in a positive light rather than bringing some negativity due to the calls, that just helps. It's nice to be able to interact this way and have some fun."

Hope at the Brick House, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, offers youth programs year-round, from after school programs to an 8-week summer program that incorporates educational opportunities, spiritual guidance, and recreational activities and field trips.

The organization offers these programs at low or no cost for kids and teens.

Hope at the Brick House Director Joyce Klopp says this year's summer program ran for nine weeks, rather than eight due to a high interest.

60 kids took part in the weekly Monday through Thursday program, and Klopp says it was made entirely possible by the volunteers who have traveled as far as six hours to help each week.

She says throughout the summer, a new group of volunteers, mostly ranging from middle schoolers to high schoolers, along with their sponsors, came each week to help run the program.

This week, Klopp says, was unique because families with children of all ages joined in on the volunteer efforts and helped prepare for their end of the summer block party.

Before the summer came to an end, all students who participated in the program were given school supplies at no cost.

To learn more about Hope at the Brick House and for volunteer opportunities, you can head to their website at here.