Neighbors not sold on proposed mountain bike trail

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DUBUQUE COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- A proposed mountain bike trail in Dubuque County is getting a lot of push back from neighbors.

The Tri-State Mountain Bike Riders, or TMBR, has plans for trails in the Interstate Power Preserve, which is located on Olde Davenport Rd.

Neighbors voiced their opinions Thursday night at a Dubuque County Conservation Board meeting. They say the trails would cause erosion in the preserve. They also have concerns about the impact the trails could have on wildlife.

Homeowners also worry about a proposal to expand the small parking lot at the preserve.

"It's just the bicycles I think that are the bigger concern and what they're gonna do to the trails and what kind of damage they'll do to the preserve itself to build what they need," said Diane Mohr.

But Timber reps say they love nature just as much as the neighbors do, and they say the trails won't hurt or ruin the preserve.

"With mountain bike trails, you build them to manage the water and if you can control the water management then you've got a trail that has good longevity to it. So we want to make sure the erosion is controlled," said Randy Vannorsdel, VP of TMBR.

Vannorsdel also says TMBR would regulate and maintain the trails under the guidance and direction of the Dubuque County Conservation Board.

The Dubuque County Conservation Board's next meeting is November 16. The Board will have a public input time and then make a decision about the trails.

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