New baby rhino at Blank Park Zoo

DES MOINES, Iowa (CNN) The Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa wants you to meet its newest addition. Baby Kamara, A rare female Eastern Black Rhino calf, was born in early April and is now on display to the public.

Her mother, Mamma Ayana is glad to finally have a little girl to follow her around. This is her second birth in captivity.

Jesse Lowry is the Director of Conservation and Research at the Blank Park Zoo.

She says right now - there's about 800 Black Rhinos left in both captivity and in the wild. She says due to poaching – those in captivity will never be released into the wild.

Two to three black rhinos are killed every day for their horns made of keratin. But Lowry says - the zoo is trying to inspire hope and they're doing it through donations.

Roughly $10,000 dollars annually go from the accredited zoo to the International Rhino Foundation which works in Africa, Indonesia and India and it's that connection she thinks will keep the species alive.