New car invention can change the way electric car users drive

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TIPTON, Ia. (KWQC) — Earth day celebrations took place all across the country. In Tipton, Iowa, one man used it as an opportunity to show off an Earth-friendly invention. The invention showed how this new type of car could make electric vehicles less of a hassle for drivers.

Veteran James Dierickx wants to change the way people think about electric cars. Dierickx says with more time on the road and less at charging stations, he says his inventions is a new change for the planet.
Dierickx founded the very first self-charging extender kit. The “ME2”, also known as the Mobile Electricity Everywhere L-Loop; It runs only on lithium and lead batteries.

The batteries are placed in the front and the back of the car. The loop then creates an electrical current to charge the car. Dierickx says its simple, “in the morning you take this vehicle to work -- charge up at night in your garage-- and the lithium in the car build into the car to start with gets you to where you are going”.

In the end he hopes his invention will take off to help keep the environment cleaner. Looking into the future, he wants charging stations to be placed along I-80 for electric car users.

Dierickx hopes to start selling his invention this summer.