New program hopes to bring car thieves face-to-face with victims in Scott County

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SCOTT Co., Iowa (KWQC) - The number of residents in the Scott County Juvenile Detention Center has never been this high and officials say it's because of car thefts.

The Scott County Board of Supervisors learned more during a presentation Tuesday morning. The Auto Theft Accountability program brings offenders and victims together to discuss the harm done by the crime.

In a powerpoint presentation that was shown during the meeting on Tuesday, they listed the proposed process.

- Youth charged with auto theft crime - police forward charge to JCS intake
- Juvenile Court intake officer makes referral to ATA program based on criteria
- Court proceedings put "on hold"
- Program staff engage victim and offender within 48 hours of referral
- Offender has 3 months to complete program
- ATA program staff inform JCS/County Attorney of progress
- At any point - if the offender fails to progress - they will revert to court proceedings - move toward adjudication

The county hopes to start the program in April.