New safety measures in effect near John Deere Middle School

MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) — Wednesday, Jaunuary 24 was the first day the new safety measures were implemented after an accident that injured a student crossing the street last Friday. On Tuesday night, Moline city council unanimously voted to put temporary safety measures in place at 12th Street and 21st Avenue.

A stop sign was up during the morning and afternoon hours as students were coming and going. There was also a new sign in the middle of the crosswalk.
This intersection does not have a crossing guard, but after last weeks accident the community says that needs to change.

Until a permanent crossing guard is hired, a Moline Police officer will be monitoring the area when students go to and from school. Officilas say these are just short-term fixes.

The police department and city leaders are looking into what can be done long term. That could involve flashing lights, better visibility and even construction. But for now, officials say these temporary changes have made the intersection much safer than it was before.

We also checked in with other local school districts to see where they had crossing guards and this is what we found:

View Crossing Guard Locations in a full screen map

Rock Island:
Earl Hanson (2) - 4000 9th Street (at school location) and 42nd Avenue & 11th Street
Denkmann (2) - 38th Street & 22nd Avenue and 18th Avenue & 42nd Street
Eugene Field (1) - 30th Street & 31st Avenue Intersection
Frances Willard (2) - 2503 9th Street (at school location) and 25th Avenue & 11th Street
Rock Island Academy (2) - 7th Avenue & 12th Street and 10th Avenue & 11th Street
Rock Island Center for Math & Science (2) - 20th Street & 14th Avenue and 25th Street & 16th Avenue
Longfellow (1) - 7th Avenue & 42nd Street (school location)

Pleasant Valley Community School District:
Hopewell - Hopewell and Joshua - 2 guards & Devil's Glen and St. James - 1 guard
Pleasant View - Crow Creek Road and School House Road - 1 guard
Riverdale Heights - Devil's Glen and Pleasant - 3 guards

Bettendorf Community School District:
Neil Armstrong - Central Avenue and 33rd. Street - 1 guard
Grant Wood - Hillside Dr. and Linden Lane - 1 guard, Hillside Dr. and Woodland - 1 guard & Spruce Hills Dr. and Linden Lane - 1 guard
Herbert Hoover - South Hampton and Windsor Drive - 1 guard
Thomas Jefferson - 6th Street and Holmes - 1 guard
Mark Twain - Lincoln Road entrance - 1 guard, 18th Street and Lincoln Road - 1 guard & 18th Street and Parkway - 1 guard
Paul Norton - Greenbrier and Cindy Ct. - 1 guard, Greenbrier and Crow Creek Road - 1 guard & Crow Creek Road and 18th Street - 2 guards

Davenport Community School District:
Locust St at Harrison St
Locust St at Main St
Locust St at Brady St
Locust St at Clark St
Locust St at Kenwood Ave
Locust St at Eastern Ave
Locust St at Marquette St
Concord St at Rockingham Rd
Northwest Blvd at Ridgeview Ave
Central Park Ave at Clark St
Central Park Ave at Division St
Brady at 29th St

At Signalized Pedestrian Crossings:

Marquette St at 12th St
Division St at JFK Catholic School
53rd St at Harrison Elementary School
Pine St at Truman Elementary School
Division St at Adams Elementary School

At Stop Sign Controlled Intersections:

4th St at Howell St
3rd St at Cedar St
Fairmount St at 49th St
Clark St at Lombard St