No eclipse glasses? Here are other ways to view the eclipse

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(KWQC)- "The phone calls are unbelievable," said Steve Scott, Customer Service Manager at S.J. Smith Company, a welding supply store in Davenport. "Sixty calls per day."

All of those callers are looking for one thing, welding lenses for the Solar Eclipse. They're all looking for a shade 14 lens in particular.

"Basically they're using it to hold it up in front of the eclipse," Scott said. "That's the maximum protection you can have for the eclipse."

S.J. Smith Company has been out of those lenses for weeks.

"We had probably 100 shade 13 and 14 lenses," Scott said. "We sold out of them three weeks ago for the eclipse."

He says they tried to order more, but had no luck.

"Our supplier, who we get these from regularly, says they won't have them restocked until the first of the year," Scott added.

NASA suggests shade 12 or higher to safely view the eclipse on Monday.

If you can't get a welding lens or eclipse glasses, you do have one more option.

"Its a pinhole viewer," said Professor William Peterson from Augustana College. "You just take a box, cut one end out of it, paste some aluminum foil on the side of it and poke a tiny hole. If you point it at the sun and put your head inside you can see an image of the sun in the box."

Professor Peterson says the eclipse is also about the experience.

"Even if you make one of these, take your head out of the box from time to time," he said, "Just see what's going on, for me that's what is really interesting is to see the world under a different light."

If you are looking up at the sun, just make sure you have the proper protection.

"We have the helmets," Scott said, "We'll probably step outside just to take a quick look."