NorthPark Mall employee speaks out about mall safety concerns

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Davenport, Iowa (KWQC) - A NorthPark Mall employee spoke to TV6 about her concerns regarding mall safety.

Several police respond to NorthPark Mall for "disturbance" on Saturday night. Police say the incident turned out to be "nothing." (KWQC)

Her concerns grew after the incident at NorthPark mall on Saturday night, which turned out to be a false alarm.

TV6 has protected her identity for her job security.

"We had no idea about anything,” the employee said.

She said she walked out the door and saw an armed police officer.

"He said that they got a call that there was a guy with a gun walking around the mall through the back hallways,” she said. “At that point I did get a little irritated and I asked him why weren't we informed about it. He said it wasn't verified yet but that they were in there looking."

She said she wished the mall notified her.

"They should've called around seeing who was in what store and how many people,” she said. “Especially when they have police surrounding the building with loaded firearms."

She said she knows that the mall has a way of notifying employees.

"I would assume if they have one for tornadoes and fires and things like that --- they would if there was an active shooter or something potentially dangerous --- they'd have some way of contacting everybody."

"It just kind of floors me. If you have police officers out there with weapons drawn --- if you think it's that serious for that --- then it's serious enough to alert the people,” she said. “If I would have known about that I would've never let my people walk out of that store until I knew for sure that it was a false alarm. If I would've let them leave and there was somebody outside and one of them got injured I would never be able to live with myself."

She said she and other mall employees she knows have ran into several safety issues while working over the recent years.

"That's something that the mall needs to take into consideration…. That them not warning people about what's going on… somebody's life could be in their hands for not giving the proper warnings."

The employee said she hopes to not only see security improvement at NorthPark Mall, but in all malls across the country.

TV6 reached out to the NorthPark Mall security for comment about whether or not they have a security alert system for its employees.

We were told we can confirm that with the mall’s office during weekday business hours.