Not just “DRY”,,, “DROUGHT”!!!

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Quad Cities (KWQC) - Well, no surprise here. The U.S. Drought Monitor came out this morning with much of the QCA shown to have been downgraded from “Abnormally Dry” conditions to “Moderate Drought”! And, with less than 2 inches of rain expected for most areas for the next week it looks like it could continue to worsen! Although we’re ahead of our average rain for the month of August having had over 2 and a half inches versus an average of about 2 inches, and ahead of our average “precipitation” for the year having had almost 9 inches over our average of about 25 inches so far, July hit us hard with a big 180 degree turn in rain trends! Since July first we’ve had 3.75 inches of rain when we should have had nearly 6 and a half inches! In Moderate Drought conditions damage to crops and pastures can be expected and fire risk is high, with stream, reservoir, and well levels all lowering! As we close out summer it looks like the 1 month forecast for rain is on the fence. According to the Climate Prediction Center there are “Equal Chances” of receiving normal, above, or below normal rain! Just have to keep looking up and hoping the sky gives us its best!