Old number five looking good

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SCOTT COUNTY, (KWQC) — The bell tower is a shining star. Forest Grove Number Five is getting plenty of attention. The former one room country school in Bettendorf is well on its way to a major facelift.

The school was once part of the Pleasant Valley Township District. Carpenter Ben Taylor is busy, trying to preserve as much of the original as possible. All the wood is pine. Restoration began in 2012.

Much has been accomplished. Window and ceiling work, insulation, and other essentials are being addressed. The exterior looks beautiful.

Cost for the project will be about two hundred thousand dollars.So far, about three fourths of the money has been raised. Private donors have been generous. The state provided thirty grand in grant funding.

Project coordinator Sharon Andresen thinks the school will be great for local tourism and a wonderful resource tool for education.

The project could be finished by the end of the year. On Saturday, a trivia night takes place at the Golden Leaf Banquet Center in Davenport. Doors open at 6pm. It’s one hundred dollars for a table of eight. Money raised will go toward cost of the school restoration.