On the “Cutting Edge”

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GENESEO, Ill. (KWQC) — A small business in Geneseo is having a big impact on that Henry County community. Greg Ryner is a first time business owner. A few years ago, with some financial help from friends, Ryner opened a barber shop on East Main Street.

Not just any shop. This place is dedicated to military veterans. The shop is loaded with impressive photos, uniforms and many other items donated by veterans.

Ryner is a Navy veteran. He served in Desert Storm. He also was a military barber. Greg rents the space for four hundred dollars a month. Two friends loaned him money to get the barber shop up and running. Those friends also served in the military.

Greg’s fiancée Lisa Gipson is a hair stylist. She also works in the shop. She has relatives who also served in the military. She is proud of what Greg is doing. He has a few hundred customers. When word got out about the shop, veterans from Macomb, Peoria, Chicago, and other cities made this shop the place to get a haircut.

It’s the buzz in a small town. Veterans Barber Shop and Salon. It’s a destination.