One month after Moline shooting, police have not made an arrest

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MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - We have an update on a deadly shooting in Moline. It happened Halloween day. It’s now been five weeks since a man was found dead behind city hall.

"We have numerous leads on who we believe did it,” says Moline Detective Michael Griffin.

Detectives have spoken to possible offenders, witnesses and anyone who may have heard from Harrell Jr., days before his death.

"We don't think that these guys could have perpetrated this crime without talking about it. Without getting assistance and concealing themselves immediately after, concealing evidence, hiding evidence, getting rid of evidence or just talking about what happened that day," says Detective Griffin.

What happened that day was a rare crime in downtown Moline. The 22-year-old was found dead in broad daylight behind City Hall. Cerene Mayer worked that day at Christopher D’s, a Moline venue across the street from the scene of the crime. Harrell a familiar face from High School.

"The community was shook,” says Mayer. “We've lost quite a few classmates. With the shooting-- This was the most intense out of all of them. It came as a big shock."

Harrell's is another case of youth crime in the Quad Cities. Authorities are determined to put an end to gun violence on the streets.

"We need to start working together to end youth violence in the quad cities,” says Detective Griffin. “That was a huge crime scene that day. And there’s a lot of people involved in this incident so to continue to get assistance from our neighboring agencies has been wonderful"

Five weeks after the shooting, no arrest has been made, leaving Moline locals uneasy.

"He was just driving around,” says Mayer. “It’s scary to think that this could happen in the middle of the day"

Police believe two to three young adults are responsible for the shooting. They are determined to bring closure to those close to Harrell Jr.

"We're not going to close a case because we don't get any more tips. We'll continue to pursue it, we'll continue to put it at the forefront in the media and social media,” says Detective Griffin. “We're not going to allow people to forget about the murder of Corey Harrell Jr."