One of the top runners in the world went for a run with Davenport cross country team

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Last time she competed in the Quad City Times Bix 7 she placed among the top three runners. Caroline Chepkoech Kipkirui is ranked number two in the world among women's road runners and when she competed in the Bix 7 in 2016 she slashed the previous Bix 7 record of 35:24.

Three years later, she's back in the Quad Cities.
" I'm happy to come back again to Bix 7. I'm thankful for the invitation and thank you to Iowa, " says Chepkoech Kipkirui.

She is only in her 20s and she's at the top of her sport.

"I'm so happy to become a top runner and I say thank you to the Lord for strengthening me and giving me this talent and also my coaches, yeah, they're supporting me a lot," says the champion.

The Davenport Cross Country Team says they're ecstatic to have the opportunity to meet a world-class athlete

"I'm extremely excited cuz I love running and I always looked up to those people who are one of the best runners, I try to be as good as them. It's going to be amazing to actually be able to run with one of them," says Davenport Central junior Autumn Thurman who is a member of the cross-county team.

"One of the things I hope I girls and I hope our boys learn is that, how much it works for her to get to this point. You have to eat right, train right, take care of your body, and if you work hard you can do it," says Mike "Coach Tru" Trujillo of Davenport Central's Females Cross Country Team.

Caroline Chepkoech Kipkirui says being a world champion "isn't easy, but you must struggle to get it."

She says her advice for any up and coming runnings is that they have to "wake up early in the morning to do training everyday daily, not once a week, daily, daily," she says stressing the importance of consistency with her tone.

The diamond runner says she trains two to three times a day. "Maybe, in the morning I do like 10k and then at 10 o'clock I do 18k, 15k speed walk."

For her running is her profession.

"I love running, this my talent. because maybe in education we didn't go up to university so I decide to do athletics, yeah, because this my career," she says smiling.