UPDATE: Shoemaker sentenced to 58 years imprisonment

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – UPDATE 8/9:: Shoemaker was sentenced to 58 years imprisonment, serving a minimum of 25 years, restitution for the victims of his actions, and 5 years no contact with Katie Hutchison.

UPDATE 6/29:: A Scott Co. Jury reached a verdict and found Shoemaker guilty of attempted murder, eluding, willful injury causing serious injury and robbery. He was found not guilty of serious injury by vehicle. Sentencing is set for August 9th.

Scott County Attorney Mike Walton said the punishment on the counts which Shoemaker was found guilty of today total 60 years in prison "if all convictions were to run consecutively, which is unlikely."

Thursday 5pm Trial Update

The Thursday 5pm Trial Update.

Thursday 6pm Trial Update

The Thursday 6pm Trial update.


KWQC's Jenna Jackson has been in court for the Shoemaker trial. Shoemaker is accused of stealing a garbage truck and seriously injuring Buffalo Police Chief T.J. Behning. Logan faces fives charges including attempt to commit murder.

UPDATE 6/27/18: Today the Buffalo Police Chief TJ Behning and Logan Shoemaker took the stand.

Behning testified that when he first heard the pursuit on his radio he headed towards Davenport eventually driving parallel to it in case Shoemaker veered off or ran. Next, he headed south of the pursuit to 40th and Highway 22 where he stopped to grab the stop sticks and get into place. Behning says when he first saw the garbage truck he noticed it was coming right at him. As the truck approached, Behning says he threw the sticks and looked up.

RAW VIDEO: TJ Behning Testimony

Raw Video of testimony from TJ Behning

Shoemaker admitted to assaulting and stalking Katie Hutchinson. Ramming into cars with a stolen truck. Breaking windows and being high on meth. In fact, he told the jury he had been on a week-long meth binge and hadnt slept. He also admitted he meant to elude police multiple times because he didn't want to be stopped. Shoemaker admitted to almost everything. But he says he did not see Behning. He says he drove towards the squad car to avoid the rumble strip but then lost control of the garbage truck. At that point - he says he braced himself for impact by putting his arms in front of his head and taking his foot off the brake.

RAW VIDEO: Logan Shoemaker Testimony


The state countered Shoemaker asking if he chose to steal the truck chose to evade police and chose not to get help with his meth addiction. After the testimony, the defense asked for an acquittal of the attempted murder charge saying Shoemaker did not know he even hit Behning. The judge denied that request.

The jury will start deliberations tomorrow morning at 9 a-m.

Wednesday 5pm Trial Update

The WEdnesday 5pm Trial update.

Wednesday 6pm Trial Update

The Wednesday 6pm update of the Logan Shoemaker trial.

UPDATE MORNING OF 6/27/18: The following are updates from the opening remarks in chronological order.

UPDATE 6/26/18: Logan Shoemaker is facing five charges including attempt to commit murder.

Tuesday morning, state prosecutors and the defense team gave their opening statements.

The prosecution told the jury what they will see through witness testimony, Saying that Shoemaker was on a path of destruction, rammed other cars with a stolen truck, assaulted the woman he was staying with, and eventually lead police in a pursuit in a garbage truck. A chase that ended after he hit Buffalo Police Chief TJ Behning. Chief Behning was outside his car when he was severely hurt in the collision.

RAW Video: State Prosecution Opening Statements

The State's opening statement in the trial of Logan Shoemaker.

The defense explained that while Shoemaker is guilty of many of those things, he was 'high' on meth at the time, which can change the way your brain thinks. The defense also stated that Shoemaker did not intend to hit Chief Behning.

RAW VIDEO: Defense prosecution Opening Statements

The Defense's opening statement in the trial of Logan Shoemaker.

After opening statements the state called witnesses to the stand - including the woman shoemaker stayed with, several officers and the garbage truck driver.

Tuesday 5pm Trial Update

the Tuesday 5pm update on the Logan Shoemaker trial.

Tuesday 6pm Trial Update

The Tuesday 6pm update on the trial of Logan Shoemaker

ORIGINAL 6/25/18: A jury was seated today and opening statements will begin Tuesday morning in the case of a 21-year-old man accused of badly injuring a police chief in Scott County, Iowa during a pursuit last September.

Logan Shoemaker is charged with attempted murder in connection with a police pursuit which injured Buffalo Police Chief T.J. Behning.

The pursuit began with Davenport Police giving chase to a vehicle they say Shoemaker was driving when Shoemaker was in an accident with a garbage truck.

Shoemaker is accused of threatening the life of the truck’s driver, taking possession of it, then continuing to lead officers on a pursuit in the garbage truck when he reached a location where Behning was waiting with stop sticks.

Court documents say Shoemaker then veered the truck toward Chief Behning's squad car, striking it head-on and giving Behning serious injuries from which he is still recovering nine months later.