Over 40 people killed in factory fire in Indonesia

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JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- Police say the death toll from Indonesia fireworks factory inferno has risen to 47.

A police official says 39 people have been killed in an inferno at a firecracker factory outside the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

Nico Afinta, general crimes director at Jakarta police, says the death toll could rise as many victims have suffered extensive burns.

The fire began Thursday morning at the factory next to a residential area in Tangerang, a city in Banten province on the western outskirts of Jakarta.

A police report said the fire spread after an explosion and that the factory's roof had collapsed.

Indonesian police say 23 people have been killed in a factory fire on the outskirts of the capital Jakarta.

Hary Kurniawan, chief of police for the Jakarta satellite city of Tangerang, said Thursday that dozens of people have also been injured.

Local media reported that the factory made fireworks and a higher death toll than announced by police so far.

About 45 people have been hospitalized for serious burns and other injuries.