Parents pushing for new school district

WALCOTT, Iowa (KWQC) -- Parents from Walcott, Blue Grass, and Buffalo want to form a new school district and leave the Davenport district and Wednesday night, they went door to door in Walcott to get petitions in support of the idea. They say this has been in talks for a while.

For the past week and a half, Kim Varner along with other volunteers have been rallying to get support to combine high school students from Walcott, Blue Grass, and Buffalo. Their goal is to form a new school district.

“We are trying to remove ourselves from the Davenport school and become our own school district, which we are currently calling West Scott,” said Kim Varner, a parent.

Varner says this idea has been in the talks for a long time and with everything going on in the Davenport School District, they felt it was time.

They say their biggest motivation for this is to ultimately keep the students together due to these towns being far from Davenport.

“It makes sense since these towns are rural farming communities that we would group together as a school,” said Varner.

Currently, they have 300 signatures from all three cities but they hope to get at least 500 in each city. They say although the process won't be easy, they know it will be worth it in the end.

“I think it would be just a relief out here to know we basically own our schools. We can take care of our own kids and not have to listen to a huge district,” said Varner.

The parents say Davenport does offer good programs, but at the end of the day, their goal is to do what’s best for their children and community.

“We just want to decide how we handle our kids and students out here,” said Varner.

The group plans to visit Buffalo next. They say after they get the signatures they need, they will go to the Department of Education and AEA.